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16 July 14

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy Commissioned as Arts Business Advisers to the Chapter Capital Alliance, Cardiff, UK

The Chapter Capital Alliance combines the aspirations and connections of 5 leading cultural and creative organisations which are collectively working to expand and diversify Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, Cardiff.

The organisations - Chapter Arts, Earthfall, Ffotogallery, Theatre Iolo, and University of Cardiff - are collaborating to create “a vibrant, innovative, multidisciplinary centre for artistic presentation, production and participation”. The scope and vision of the project is impressive. It offers the possibility to develop a centre which delivers a critical mass of space, facilities, expertise, excellence, knowledge, ideas and aspirations. It promises to generate new types of practice and thinking, to leverage different types of social capital, and to stimulate innovation and research which will not only deliver the institutional aims and objectives of partners, but will have a transformational impact on the creative economy credentials of Cardiff and Wales.

Our role will be to develop the business, infrastructure and creative case for the proposed development - based on engagement with the cultural and creative sector of Wales and significant partnership working.

14-17 July 14

A Creative Economy Study Tour to the UK for Leading Vietnamese Policy-Makers

Tom Fleming is curator and lead of a high level policy study tour to the UK for a delegation from Vietnam. Hosted by the British Council, the delegation includes the Deputy Minister of Culture and several leading policy-makers from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

In London, the programme includes meetings with the British Council, Performing Rights Society, University of the Arts London, Creative United, Argent, and Arts Council England. In Liverpool, it includes Liverpool Vision, FACT, Culture Liverpool, Neil Peterson, David Parrish, and Baltic Creative Quarter. The visit coincides with the International Festival of Business and Liverpool Biennial.

The programme is designed as a best practice and collaboration-focused activity to add value to the new National Strategy for the Cultural Industries. This Strategy has been led by Tom Fleming and the Vietnam Institute for Culture and Arts Studies - with the support of UNESCO and the British Council.

8 July 14

Centres - Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools: Findings and Futures

The Centres Programme has brought together partners from eight member states (Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, United Kingdom) to explore new approaches to Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools. Led by the British Council (Poland), it has involved a set of pilot projects and knowledge exchange events. Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy acted as learning partners to the programme - which has included the publication of three 'innovation papers' on the importance of creative entrepreneurship in schools.

The final conference for the Programme was held in Brussels in May 2014. A short film featuring Tom Fleming and other partners has been produced - to set out why this agenda matters and what partners intend to do next:

28 June 14

Tom Fleming featured in Vietnamese national press

Tom Fleming has recently returned from a UNESCO-supported study visit to Vietnam. The visit involved consultation to undertake a situation analysis of the visual arts in this fast-changing country. A national newspaper article based on an interview with Tom can be viewed here: