TFCC is a global authority on culture and the creative industries.

We have led projects in over 60 countries and 300 cities and regions. We work with Governments, Municipalities and Institutions to build evidence, drive partnerships and position culture as a foundation for sustainable development. We are passionate about culture, people and place. 

Our services

  • Strategy and Policy

    We develop national and place-based cultural and creative industries strategy and policy. This includes mapping studies, road maps and development frameworks. We also support international policy dialogue and facilitate knowledge exchange and partnership. 

  • Evaluation and Trends Analysis

    We work across the cultural and creative industries to evaluate impact and inform strategic development. This includes a portfolio of evaluation and trends analysis studies, theory of change methodologies, surveying and business modelling for cultural institutions and programmes. 

  • Leadership and Advocacy

    We provide compelling evidence on the role and value of culture in sustainable development, civil society and inclusive economies. We work to champion culture in policy and investment. We are established public speakers and facilitators at conferences, symposia and workshops across the world.

Our story

Our journey began in London, 2002, when Dr Tom Fleming set up TFCC. His academic background in cultural geography, coupled with practical experience supporting the creative industries via a dedicated sector development agency, led to the establishment of a specialist consultancy. In the following 20 years, TFCC has flourished as a team of cultural specialists, economists and social scientists working in every global region. 

Our model

With offices in London, Porto and Nairobi and associates in 20 countries, we are a majority women-led organisation committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. For each project, we develop a tailored team, matching technical and strategic expertise with local knowledge and cultural sensitivity.

Our team