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Dr Tom Fleming


Dr Tom Fleming is a leading international expert on the creative economy, cultural and arts policy and creative cities and regions. His work focuses on advising governments, municipalities and institutions across the world to develop effective research, policy, strategy and action across the creative economy. He has led strategic research projects in every region, with a particularly strong track record in Europe, Russia, SE Asia, Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Major clients include The World Bank, UNESCO, European Commission, British Council, Arts Councils, Film Councils, multiple governments, municipalities, cultural and educational organisations and NGOs.

As Director of Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC), which he set up in 2002, Tom leads an interdisciplinary and multi-lingual team which is delivering multiple projects across the world. He has led many research, strategy and evaluation programmes in over 60 countries and 300 cities and regions. Central areas of expertise include high level policy and strategy for the cultural sector and creative economy; deep knowledge on the relationship between culture, creativity and economic development; thought leadership on creative city planning models; and unparalleled expertise in sector investment, mapping, clustering and the spillover effects of the cultural and creative industries.

Highlights include:

- Over 20 years as a leading international consultant and authority on cultural, creative and education sectors

- Over 15 years designing and delivering evaluations across the cultural, educational and economic sectors – including for international and pan-institutional projects.

- Over 20 years designing and delivering research on all aspects of the cultural sector and creative economy.

- Over 15 years’ project managing large and interdisciplinary research and evaluation teams.

- Over 15 years working to evaluate and deliver research across Europe – working in every EU member state and most countries across the continent.

- Over 15 years delivering work in emergent creative economies – from Brazil to Lebanon, Vietnam to Egypt.

- Tom is also an expert adviser to UNESCO – in their Programme to support the 2005 Convention on Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

- Tom is an established communicator and convincer – effective at translating complex research into accessible action plans. He is also a renowned public speaker, with experience on the conference platform across the world.

- Tom is Chair of the Board for Site Gallery, Sheffield; and is a Trustee of Arts for All (London) and Arts Cabinet (Edinburgh and London).

Contacting Tom

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