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Andrew Erskine

Senior Associate

Andrew Erskine is a Senior Associate of Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy. Andrew's main focus is on innovation and the creative economy, with an especial interest in entrepreneurship, strategic support initiatives, the business of culture, knowledge exchange and transfer, creative places and spaces.

Core to his work is the exploration of creativity and its transformative effect on all aspects of our lives. In particular he is interested in how individual and collective creative capital can be unlocked through new uses of technology, approaches to learning and skills, improved public services and organisational development. Much of his work involves projects which build connections across a variety of public agendas including place-making, regeneration, social inclusion and diversity, economic growth and sustainability.

Andrew is asked to speak frequently in the UK and abroad, often on issues related to emerging and new economies. Andrew's background is in senior management within the creative industries. He was Managing Editor of Citrus Publishing (1996-1999), a UK top 5 Customer Publishing Agency, before going on to be launch Content Director of (1999-2000) the first website in Europe targeted at the then emerging tribe of 'elancers'. Andrew then joined 15 Million+ start-up Mongrel Worlds, where as Director of Alodis, he was responsible for the UK's first multi-channel service aimed at Self-employed Professionals.

Contacting Andrew

Phone. +44 (0)20 7430 0855
Email. andrew[at]